Beta – chàe’s future

Welcome back to the update on Chàe Media and what we’ve done so far versus how we are going to continue our journey!

Chàe has been releasing sporadic podcasts about our future, what it will look like, how we will think of it (inspired by Jody Turner’s futurist strategies) and where it could possibly go. We found a preference for video content prevailed over blogs and other written content in addition to a desire for merchandise from an etsy store integration.

our goals for the future (2026)

Although our audience also wants the continuation of our magazine, due to our recognition of money, time and resources; we will not be able to produce it as often as we have in the past. This is only to give way to the new content our audience is thriving for. We have paved these desires into our 5 year goal as we iterate our path, we now have a more coherent understanding of our future.

We have made such insightful discoveries about our audience and new-found desire for content, however we need to critically analyse our lack of consistency of podcast-posting. After finding our audiences content preferences, we dove into planning how we could bring this to light for our audience. We need to re identify the medium that allowed us to know this material and stick to a consistent posting schedule.

We have iterated our 5 year plan in contribution to the insights of content creation gained by our podcast, continuing to investigate our future and what we can do to enhance its chances today.



  1. Well done Emma (and the rest of the Chàe team, of course) on coming so far with this DA. I’ve been following Chàe’s growth since the beginning, back when I was part of DMS, and am really proud of the places you’ve been taking it. The magazine is the key thing that most people follow you for but you’re smart in realising it’s not your only audience. Video content on TikTok and IG will net you a lot of traction, from personal experience, and honing in on being “by students, for students” is the perfect way to go. Merchandise is a great way to gain money that can be put back into Chàe and I’d recommend looking into Patreon in the future. On Patreon, you can advertise early access to the magazine and/or podcasts, Patreon-only Q&As, special merchandise, their name in a special thanks section of the magazine, the ability to suggest topics, and many more things outside of tangible merchandise. Think outside the box!


  2. Taylah says:

    I first looked at this DA when it was just a pitch and it’s awesome to see how far you’ve come since then. I think we all struggled at the beginning of the DA process to connect it clearly back to lecture materials but I can see how you’ve looked into using skills from a futurist perspective to develop your podcasts. This article looks at the history of forecasting and its relevance in futurism which is connected with both the lecture content and what you DA is focusing on
    By branching into Tik Tok I think you will find a greater audience that will able to interact back and push more ideas, similar to our live-tweeting for the rest of the subject. You’ve done an awesome job so far and can only see improvements from here on out. Congrats!


  3. neslizfry says:

    Hey Emma!
    Firstly love what you’ve done here! The future of audiences is constantly changing and it’s so important that you have been able to see whats coming next and to venture out to different platforms and audiences! The concept that you have is all there and I believe that by making the platform so understandable and relatable, you can really get a great impact out of your audience! Again I love that you are constantly thinking about the future and what is next, rather than remaining stagnant; the organic growth will depend on how you can adapt 🙂
    Don’t forget that there are so many audiences that you may not have even thought of yet who would be interested in being apart of this!
    Keep it up, excited to see what else is to come!


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