peer pitch commentary

I really enjoyed everyone’s pitches and giving my thoughts on different viewpoints! I had the pleasure of looking at Misha Goldrick, Alina Hager & Taylah Ide-Miller.

Comment 1:

My first comment was on Misha’s post about Social Media vs. The Film Industry, I loved this idea because as I mentioned in the comment it’s not one that I typically think about how movies are marketed. I suggested that looking at one or two movies per blog post would be good to look into and reflect on those each time, seeing the differences in them. I actually lacked linking the websites in my comments to how they will help Misha but I hope that the one I linked could help as it looks at trends within the marketing of the industry. It looks at digital impacts, the influencer rise and the high tech factors, these factors all work within social media and ultimately reshaping the market. The second was how to market as Netflix does, Netflix for me was so interesting because it came straight to mind me – Netflix is so famous because of the way their movies are promoted on social media. They are known for the ‘cringe’ at times but people love a good Netflix film and it is all from the marketing being done. I also liked the timeline, I think looking at the short term is good because you can predict quite a bit but in ten years time, it’s going to change so much that it is truly interesting to see her ideas! 

Comment 2:

The second comment was on Alina’s post about The Future of Marketing, I used my recommendations better in this comment explaining in more detail how they could help. I see a lot of potential with this topic because it has been opened up to many topics that can be explored within the marketing world. I am not one to know a whole lot about marketing so I wanted to see whether within the mini-series Alina would be opening it up to beginners as such. Those who want to know more or would give more background to the matter in her podcast for those who might need a bit more of an explanation. The first recommendation I gave was one that was discussed in her pitch about voice-activated technology – all about the different takeaways, background and different uses behind this technology. This could be helpful within a blog about this topic or the podcast as a point to discuss further. Another source I found was direct with the topic of the future of marketing, it talks about different trends that will be happening in 2025, which fits in the timeline. It correlates with the last point as one of the trends is voice marketing – others where virtual reality was another spot that was discussed too. The sources linked are able to help Alina with her mini-series as ways to discuss or support her views on the future of marketing, they will help with the conversation to continue for her DA.

Comment 3:

This topic was interesting from Taylah on The Future of the Film Industry, because this is one I actually think about when watching movies because I don’t typically reach for the rebooted version of a film. They have a negative stigma surrounding them, I can see why there is a debate between whether they are worth the make or not within the future. I decided to bring up the pandemic and the impact that it had on the industry – there was a huge loss of money from the opening not happening, the movies were shut for months so there was a stop in production. The impact the pandemic had certainly will be around for a few years because of how much was lost during that time and all productions had to cease. It brought up the topic that only certain films should be made or brought out at the time because of the money so reboots were overlooked for this matter. I also wondered how far into the future Taylah was looking at for this topic because you could really look far into it, there are many films now that could be rebooted to be a success or it could miss. As well, Disney is such a large company it controls so much now, it really needs to be looked at with their movies being made because their live-action films are not loved by their audience. I found an article that outlines why they are not considered upgrades, they miss the mark most of the time. It will be good to see the outcome for the DA in a few weeks time!

Overall I think my comments helped them, the first one I missed out with how they can help with the links made. I did make sure to do that for the other two, it helped reflect on my own project and where I need to focus on more. I will be focusing more on how chàe will progress with different factors growing our business in the future!


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