chàe media’s future – Pitch

This term chàe will be expanding, we are a content creating company that looks to improve student’s life through our content. We’re doing a podcast this term as the popular podcasts have gained since covid-19 had come around, so we wanted to see if our audience would interact with this given its popularity. Furthermore, it’s proven to be beneficial for small businesses, like ourselves, in ways such as consumption, portability and personalisation. The timeline for this project will be done weekly, to implement the class interaction as well as discussing the weekly content from the subject.

Our five-year plan is informed by the five-stage business growth model (Churchill & Lewis, 1983). Currently, we are in the existing stage of the model, we hope to move through all five stages within the time span of five years.  



    1. Taylah says:

      I honestly adore this DA idea.

      By using the content from class to redistribute and have conversations about the topics, you are directly engaging with the course content and lecture material. Especially because this content will directly create discussions around the future.

      As you already have a solid base for your DA, I think instead of giving your further sources about the course content, maybe some articles that will help you with marketing strategies for your accounts would draw more traffic to further the discussions you are wanting to have.

      This Youtube Video looks at how to boost your Facebook page to get the best engagement or traffic. Whatever you think would suit best.

      Podcasts are a fantastic idea since you already have established platforms and audiences. From what I know you need a website to really get that engagement from these podcasts. This article gives you some tips to create the best kind of content for your page so you don’t lose your Chae focus or get too caught up in that focus either.

      I hope this helps and will definitely be checking out Chae.


  1. mishagold says:

    Hi Emma! I absolutely love this DA, I find it so inspiring that you guys are aiming to build a small business that aims to help others. As you stated in your concept, your podcast will cover many topics related to both BCM325 as well as the company itself. Are you planning on doing twice weekly podcasts in order to cover all of this content? Or are you planning on continuing the podcast after the semester is over?

    I don’t know much about starting a small business, you guys definitely have more experience in that area. However, I do know that the future that we want can be built and realised through setting goals. I found an article that lays out a few of the goals that you can set for your business in the first year:

    Even though we can predict the future trends to a reasonable extent, it is important to remain adaptable, especially as a small business that is just starting out. Being able to adapt to any market or audience change can be a huge advantage, as discussed in this article:

    Your business is already established on several social media platforms, so it’s clear that your company/DA already has utility and an audience. You will be able to easily promote your podcast to your audience through these platforms. The overall aesthetic of your company also has the ability to draw in a larger audience, as the graphic design is very beautiful and calm. I’m really impressed with the magazine you displayed in your pitch video!

    You seem to know where you want Chae to be in 5 years time and a general plan in order to achieve this goal. I’m excited to see your journey!

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  2. Alina Hager says:

    Hi Emma, loved your pitch!

    The visuals really matched Chae’s aesthetic and your explanation was clear and easy to follow. I’m excited to see how you guys go about the podcast, I was considering doing one as well for a while but realised I didn’t have the resources (or time) to produce it in my vision. I found this article really useful in explaining all the finer details involved in podcasting–>

    I think it’s really great that you’ve based your growth strategy on Churchill & Lewis,
    though I was wondering if you have a specific process for keeping on track, ie. a production timeline? If not, I am currently using the web app, ‘notion’ to help keep myself organised and I would really recommend it. (
    Otherwise, might better suit you and the rest of your team as it lets everyone access and edit it all at once. (

    I’ve been following Chae since its initial launch and love the content you produce. In terms of the future of Chae, I think a podcast is such a great way to go, especially considering you will be able to promote on all of your other already established channels. However, I was wondering if you guys have a specific target audience in mind for the podcast as it seems like your planning to do a wide range of topics? Would it be other small businesses that are trying to grow, science-fiction fans, BCM325 students or just a big variety? Also, do you think you will talk about every movie screening/ lecture in the podcast? If it was me I would probably find that a little overwhelming, so maybe choosing the specific topics for episodes in advance could help? However, maybe that’s not an issue for you as you do have a pretty big team, either way, I am very excited to see (and hear) what you guys do!

    Sidenote: If you guys are planning to do an episode on the concept of futurology, I would recommend reading this article (It definitely helped me understand it better).


  3. lydiam21 says:

    Hey Emma,

    I absolutely love the idea of expanding your DA and creating a podcast for Chae. I think it will add a new twist into your company and will expand engagement and interaction with your audience. I think this will be an easy task for you in the way that you already have an audience and follower base.

    Looking at both the subject content and the future of Chae is a great way for you to gain ideas and comments from your audience to help Chae thrive and grow. Will you be doing a separate podcast on the subject content and then another podcast on the future of Chae or will you combine both into one?

    I haven’t used Buzzsprout before but I have heard it is really good to use when creating a podcast, and the best part about it is that provides you with podcast statistics which in right in line with your 5 year plan for Chae. Here is the link:

    I also found this helpful article about podcasting that provides tips and tricks on how to launch a successful podcast.

    I’m excited to see where this new journey in Chae leads you!!
    Thank you:)


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